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Solution For Winamp Skin ITunes

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have experimented with Winamp Skin iTunes.

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    Clean, Crisp Interface That Mimics The General Look Of ITunes 6 For Windows.

    Clean, crisp skin that mimics the look of iTunes 6 for Windows. Crisp,

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  • A crisp look based on the look of iTunes 6 for Windows.

    The previous brand of this skin, iTunes 4 Winamp, was unanimously recognized by internet users as easy to read, fun, convenient and simple to understand.

    iTunes f Winamp is based on successfully updating all windows with skins to make you look like iTunes 6.

    Examine both skins to determine which one is right for you.

    Download skin

    November 1, 2005 TC Falcon 210466 Downloads

    iTunes 6-8 Winamp is a clean design that mimics the look and feel of iTunes 6 for Windows.

    Employee Assessment

    I must say that iTunes 6 is very similar to iTunes 4. There is not much difference between the two.


    Nice and clean – the name speaks for itself. – July 16, 2008 by R Cornflakes

    Nice Skin – Lovley Skin, I have been using this skin for several years in my two winamp and beep-media players (dual boot xp and ubuntu) and never try to get tired of watching this method 🙂 sympa – Lee Nuttall, 16 August 2005

    great skin – this skin looks great. Plus, it’s usually fast and doesn’t require a lot of RAM. Applause! – August 5, 2009 by Jared Highwind

    great skin – any original image for this skin Unfortunately, the workplace and the result, the body of the easiest-to-read models I’ve ever seen, are important. 5 Night Sky – June 28, 2006 Des Pretzels

    Easy Japs Just a. – It was always easy to create a skin just because you already had iTunes as content, but sooner or later someone will take care of it, hence 2 stars. But I got it, I need it. – June 21, 2006 by A W

    Great – great !!just a little more work on the shadows of the main buttons when pressed will be perfect !! – June 20, 2006, Gustavo Valin

    Incredible skin! – I love the look of iTunes! Your skin is perfect for the new classic skin because everything is different What! Good game! – May 26, 2004 Pink Pen

    Great – I can’t ask for more. Restores my old skin with LCARS for over 5 years.There is a nice little bug with the thickness slider. If you move it to the left, you will see the speaker star disappear. – April 4, 2009 by Judith Hetridge

    Small mistake. – Leather,great, I really like it.I found a bug with shading the window itself, like with a mouse, and basically it jumps a pixel down, and the graphical display and the position of the wires looks strange.I fixed that and set up the image here: skin is: you need to change our own extension to .wsz because Geocities doesn’t really want its users to see wsz files.I was unable to contact TC. His Winamp profile via Falcon, sorry.Hey,Arturo – February 17, 2006, Espinosa

    This is arturo, a kind of clean skin – clean, simple and smart. The factors are easy to see.Suitable for desktop computers. – Singles from February 2006 by Ishigure

    iTunes minami 6 Winamp – Congratulations on order and clarity.I’m new to your “skin”, but I appreciate the effort put into achieving this design. I recently researched and found leather that looked clean and professional. Thank you!! Jim – Jim Bro, December 21, 2005

    GREAT SKIN! – Clean leather, light enough not to be used, busy or confusing. I would just like this nice popup menu to have more than one menu bar (or, for comparison,). – December 15, 2005 the trial of Mark Smith

    A gray apple? “Well, I just have to say that this is a well-designed skin with all the minor flaws, and I think people should design their own models, not steal other people’s software from them. Anyway, if you love i-tunes, you will love the skin. – December 6, 2005, Nahuel Carballo.

    The skin is slightly smaller than in iTunes 4 Skin Care – the differences between the skins are mainly reflected in the shading of this skin, in contrast to the previous 4 iTunes on the whole skin. There are also minor improvements in graphics. Both are typical skins … But I prefer the slightly lighter version of iTunes 4. – December 5, 2005, Aaron Varadi

    Good skin tone, high contrast, for the visually impaired. As a legally visually impaired user, I appreciate and need real leather that is high contrast and therefore not overly loaded. It was a good skin for an incredibly weak sighted person. – November 29, 2006, Carlton Griffin.

    lover for life – hate iTunes, Winamp kicks apples @rse. Having said that, this (iTunes 4 is Winamp) is my favorite classic skin.Very well formulated leather. It is highly polished but very stylish and comfortable. including 18 November 2005 with Glenn G.

    Seeking Bar – A very pleasant visit, but the Seeking Bar is not.I think the main window appears to be secondary.Do you expect it to be ideal when looking for a bar in general?also who might like the volume / pan / equalizer barson the iTunes4 skin. Hope,I will fix it this author. – November 15, 2005 by Bar Serill

    play – Playbar does not match this particular main windowit looks best in itunes skin medications.Could you please make it look like a volume bar / balansa? – November 14, 2005 at Serille

    Not bad – it’s just a gorgeous skin with a slight flaw. When I cut WinAmp, this skin is hidden behind the service panel. The problem is that I need to auto-hide the WA taskbar and it is partially visible by showing it in the lower left corner of the screen. I would use this skin when this type of bug was fixed. – November “Good Reasons” 2005, Sammo Deadhead

    Neil Diamond Unique Codes – RLY? o This is the correct program, of course, it is similar to the previous version. Is this the best skin ever? – November 5, 2005 Grandpa Shampoo

    Strong, more than good enough – since I haven’t reviewed the iTunes 4 interface, this guy is pretty solid, crisp, clean, and well worth downloading. I gave it two stars because I cannot suggest anything for improvement, but this is often surprising. However, functionality is the star. So it would really be 4.5 stars. – November 2, 2005 by Tim E.

    winamp skin itunes

    No Pain – This Skin Has a Bravissimo Uniform Atmosphere – November 6, 2005 Posted by Anthony Viallé

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