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How To Fix Problems With Vpn Icons On The Taskbar

This article describes some of the possible causes that can cause the VPN icon to appear on the taskbar, and then suggests possible solutions to resolve the issue.

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    The final tool to find out if a VPN is safe on a device is to find the VPN icon that was dragged and dropped onto the device. Android goes out of its way to make sure the user knows the VPN works as well, as the VPN will indicate an actual potential privacy intrusion if the VPN is running without authorization.

    For your well-being, being able to see at a glance whether you are connected to the network via a VPN or an unsecured connection is invaluable, especially if you are using public Wi-Fi.

    I can’t find many built-in settings in Windows 10. This would also allow me to see the actual VPN activity event in the notification area. First I need to hover over the network icon, maybe click on it to see more details.

    This question was asked in a similar manner on the Microsoft community home page in 2017, but of course never got a satisfactory answer:

    vpn system tray icon

      Show VPN tandem status?Windows 10 - show VPN over taskbar? 

    Resolve Common PC Errors

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • 3. Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • I am not using an inbound app to connect to a specific VPN, but I am using an old Windows VPN profile (IKEv2 profile and between Algo VPN servers).

    What’s the best way to display the active VPN connection icon in the system tray of the taskbar?

    DobWelcome to November 10, 18 at 11:14 am.

    ChrisW ChrisW


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    While pondering various topics, I noticed that current releases do not have this feature due to Windows 10. Finally

    I came across a small free app that does exactly what I was looking for. In fact, it has been around for several years and is still compatible with Windows 10:

    How do I get the VPN icon on my taskbar?

    If you want to see the exact VPN icon on the taskbar, click the Windows Start icon in the lower left corner of your desktop. Enter your settings, then click Settings to access this environment. Click Personalization, then click Taskbar in the side menu.

    VPN connection indicator

    VPN connection. DisplayAny displayed VPN symbol in Rating bar. Each time a VPN new connection becomes active, the symbol changes. Time for the connected state.

    vpn system tray icon

    This utility is a separate installed executable file (by default) In the medical menu of the current user. This means that every energy saving on a mobile computing device, this utility is launched and in the shortest possible time displayed in the system tray.

    You can also right-click the icon and decide which VPN connection you want to use. Do your research (or whatever if you just want to know about the VPN connection).

    Author`s site: this case, the event will not be available, but it can still be downloaded from MajorGeeks at

    What are the icons in the System Tray?

    The warning area (also known as the “taskbar”) is actually located in the Windows notification area, usually in the lower right corner. It contains miniature symbols for basic access to system functions such as antivirus settings, printer, modem, various sounds, battery status, etc.

    answered Nov 10 18 at 11:14 am

    ChrisW ChrisW


    I’m having problems with your new VPN solution that we use in my business. Especially when training with. I just couldn’t figure out if it was just slow or sometimes completely, and I still had to reconnect. So I saved some time and created a new Python script (actually my first one) and an exe from it. It just shows a great system tray icon. I only posted it for those who are relevant to how they use it. It connects to a DNS server that can only be accessed when VPN is enabled. And change the icon according to how it works. It’s at:

    What does GlobalProtect icon look like?

    Note. The GlobalProtect icon, when connected, looks like any blue-green ball with a shield.

    answered Jan 21 Jan 20 at 21:07

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