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Fix: How To Fix Unregistered Solaris 10 Showmount RPC

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    This guide describes some of the possible causes that might prevent Solaris 10 rpc showmount from registering, and then provides solutions to try to resolve the problem.

    I am trying to mount an nfs share from a very NAS device. (I am using Solaris 10.)

    I have restarted the nfs server. and I get the same result. I also need to make sure rpcbind, nfsd, mountd, statd and lockd are working. (see details)

    root 23 100 1 0 14:13:52? 0:00 / usr / lib / nfs / mountd share -F -o nfs rw -d “backup” / backup

    Also, I have included an entry in / etc / dfs / dfstab, even though it is true that I am trying to mount instead of distributing it. ‘share -F nfs -o rw -d “backup / backup”

    This information corrects errors in the network file system that prevent the Solaris client from mounting an external file system on the NFS server. Common symptoms:

    • NFS spelling error.
    • RPC timeout
    • NFS errors prevent customizationnfs service
    • Error NFS cannot be mounted directly
    • RPC: unregistered program
    • The NFS server is not responding.
    • Access Denied Error Using Solaris 10 NFSv4

    solaris 10 showmount rpc not registered

    These are the steps to consider when troubleshooting NFS patching issues.

    1. Make Sure Operating System Packages Related To NFS Are Installed Frequently

    Where does showmount get its Mount Data from?

    AFAIK showmount gets data from / var / lib / nfs / rmtab. Do you really have something in this file? By the way, the rpc.mountd man page says: rmtab file For every mount request it receives from an NFS client, rpc.mountd adds an entry to the / var / lib / nfs / rmtab file. When a delete request is received, only this record is deleted.

    NFS related binaries, libraries, and training files are installed with Solaris or earlier 10 packages, SUNWnfscr, SUNWnfscu, SUNWnfsskr, SUNWnfssr, and SUNWnfssu. In addition to the base packages, Solaris 12 expects the service / file-system / nfs and system / file-system / nfs (NFS client) packages. The corresponding Solaris 10 NFS man pages are installed by the Solaris SUNWman package. Solaris, I would say the 11 pages of the NFS manual are secure in the above NFS packages.

    2. NFS Detects Correct Version

    To pinpoint the version and transport of NFS, many of which are currently available, run rpcinfo on your NFS server.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • 3. Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • The second column above is usually the NFS version, the third column is actually the transport protocol.

    3. Make Sure Families Can Contact The Server

    Check the destination where the NFS server is available to your client. On the client, the view of the next order.

    4. Check If The Service Daemons Are Ascending.

    On Server

    2. Buildings statd, lockd and mountd nfsd should work:

    3. Compare the results when running nfsd and mountd versus running rpcbind. Rpcbind MUST be started before starting the NFS daemons. Check if the most important NFS programs are registered with rpcbind:

    On The Client

    3. You can check if the server is running on the client side.

    5. Confirm The Correct Syntax Normally Associated With Dfstab Shares On The NFS Server

    The / etc / dfs / dfstab syntax should also be Tartan. See the people page for share_nfs for more information. Otherwise see next post.

    6. Make Sure The Computer File Is Accessible From Both Sides

    NFS Server is a tool that shares a file with a computer. The administrative display “showmount -e” or “dfshares” shows which is appreciated. To be used by a named client server get nfs.

    Note. NFSv4 cannot use mountd. If it cannot be described as working, showmount will not work.

    7. The Mount Verification Point Exists And Is In Use

    To display statistics for each file system mounted on NFS, usually use the following command

    This command also tells you which options were selected when the file system was saved. You can also check the data in / etc / mnttab. Should he illustrate what is currently going. Finally, you will find data between server and client. An invalid date will most likely result in a file that was created in your current future being displayed, causing confusion.

    8. Confirm The Appropriate Authorization Permissions

    Permissions and must be tested in two places. Base mount point first. The owner and read / write permissions for the base directory must be available to nfsd (root 755).

    Secondly, our files are shared. A file system with user-defined access must have access to These clips.

    9. Just Make Sure Autowiring Is Set Up Correctly When Using Autofs

    The auto-mount tool locks file systems on demand. Since editing is automatic, you do not need to enter the mnt command. Resources that have been idle for more than 10 minutes should be automatically disabled. There are many of these types of automatic maps, inmaps, direct maps, direct maps, and special maps. The automount daemon (automountd) subscribes locally to the male or female system 100099.


    Now, if you’ve determined that all the troubleshooting steps are applicable to your environment and the problem persists, a different solution is needed. Providing an analysis guide is useful for contacting Oracle Technical Support.

     # rpcinfo -p | grep 100003  100003 2 udp 2049 nfs  100003 3 udp 2049 nfs  100003 pairs tcp 2049 nfs  100003 3 TCP 2049 nfs  100003 4 TCP 2049 nfs 
     # / usr / sbin / ping nfsservernfsserver is alive 
     # rpcinfo -t100003# rpcinfo -t100005# rpcinfo -t 100021 
     # rpcinfo -s [serverIP] | egrep "nfs | mountd | lock" 
     # rpcinfo -u [Server IP] 100003# rpcinfo -u [IP Server] 100005# rpcinfo -u [Server IP] 100021 
     # showmount -e [NFS server IP] 

    solaris 10 showmount rpc not registered

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