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How Do You Deal With Pe2usb Error 11?

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the pe2usb 11 error.

    When I try to run PeToUSB on this 16GB SanDisk Cruzer USB I get the following error:

    pe2usb error 11

    FormatEx error [11]: An error occurred while formatting the disk.

    I tried this on XP and Vista (run as administrator)

    When I get the error, I tried what Darren said about formatting to FAT32, but after that I actually get the error. I have also tried formatting to NTFS to check if that works, with no success. What

    I was wondering if anyone came across this approach problem and could buy a solution to this problem.

    FormatEx error [7]: drive cannot be disabled

    trying to do the same with every XP virtual machine but just wonders when it has something to do with availability in the virtual machine

    Not to contradict you, PeToUSB.exe is limited to FAT16 file system, it cannot format more than 4GB.

    LESS than 2 GB (not FAT16> 2 GB)

    However, on the main page you linked to, it was convenient to repost the content of the stream a (no decency, or various authors / contributors as a method) and added some instructions as well as some screenshots:

    Where can you also ask questions, report any issues you find, and find out how to alternatively use dummydisk.sys with Hitachi Microdrive filter as an alternative method to format / use linked USB drives)

    And yes, USB sticks can be partitioned, but PeTOUSB exe doesn’t actually partition and then write the MBR to them and therefore only creates one large partition. (up to good capacity of the FAT16 file system)

    HP USB Utility, see FAQ # 4 here, should be able to format larger partitions as it will use both FAT32 and NTFS (NOT recommended for flash):

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    There is a wonderful tool called PE2USB that can create a bootable USB stick for creating live samples: Windows PE images. The utility has been ineffective for a long time and has a large reliable swarm, it does not work well with flash drives larger than 4GB. After formatting, we often see the error message: “FormatEx error [11]: An error occurred while formatting the disk”

    pe2usb error 11

    By the way, I came across the source of these lessons … By magic, I figured it out – miracles! and … now we’re booting from a 4GB drive or more, I’m testing it on my personal 8GB stick and my joy doesn’t stop there! I’m expecting a 32GB stick, so I’m using it as my primary drive, a very hard drive for a large laptop.

    MBR changed to hard disk quality Try 2000 / xp / 2003

    The following method is currently available to boot from a trusted USB / USB stick and configure Vista and Windows 7. This may require third-party software. By simply using a common command line, you can do Make your USB stick / USB stick bootable to boot Vista and Windows 7.

    Here are the steps involved: use the following screenshot as a guide:

    Step 1. The reason for the open command. (Type cmd run in the above command and click OK.)

    Step 2. Type: press cd Enter (I won’t mention “press Enter” later, so people probably know how to run the do command)

    Step-4. type: list cd disk (Displays all your disks, especially your player’s stylus. This assumes the USB stick is 1 disk.)

    Step 10.input: format fs = fat32 (if there is an error type: set fs = 32)

    Your stylus can now be bootable and active. Now you need to make sure you copy the extracted files from the Vista bootable ISO as well as Windows 7 to the pump handle.

    To do this, you can restore a Vista or even Windows 7 image using a daemon or a tool to extract it using the Uniextrator gadget.

    Or, if you are not male or female, use this command line extraction command.

    Suppose you have a vista.iso file on your hard drive D and you want toDo not unpack this task to your USB drive, which will result in H

    Use the available Windows7 file name instead of the Vista file company name. The file name must match. The .ISO extension is required to log in.

    Just extract the current Win7 or Vista ISO file to your hard drive. (Right click, you will see the ISO file and select it.)

    Suppose I have an ISO file created in the following perspective view folder:

    and the USB drive / USB drive letter may be G

    xcopy E: image vistaultimate G: / E / G (where E: is the drive associated with the root of your vistaultimate or G: das folder

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • 3. Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • And if you really want to rip from DVD from Windows Vista or Win7, the command link is:

    xcopy F: G: / F / G (where F: create DVD and G:

    It’s over. Now boot from this pen and install Vista or Win-7 Beta.

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