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Best Way To Solve Error 12541 When Connecting To Target Issues

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    I am trying to document in BrioQuery or queries Another one that Oracle needs, and I realize I’m getting an error:


    error 12541 connecting to destination

    The ORA-12541 error occurs when our listener for the target server is definitely down or unavailable. In particular, it may be due to the fact that the listener has not actually started or is misconfigured for this item, or it may be due to a problem with good network connectivity.


  • The repository was temporarily unavailable when you tried to access it.
  • The Oracle client application on your family’s computer is not configured correctly. See: “TNS could not resolve the specified conversation”, identifier “… The provider name could not be resolved”
  • See Href = “/ Confluence / Display / Istcontrib / Oracle + Landing + Page”> Oracle Also

  • How can I check my listener status?

    Sign in to help with the host where the Oracle entry resides.Change to the following directory: Solaris: Oracle_HOME / bin. Windows: Oracle_HOME bin.Enter the following command to start the Fanbase service: Solaris: lsnrctl START. Windows: LSNRCTL.Repeat maneuver 3 to make sure the TNS headphones are working.

     ORA-12541: TNS: no headphones

    What Is The Cause Of This Error?

    ORA-12541 occurs when the target server listener is stopped It is removed or removed when attempting to connect. This could be because the audience did not start, was misconfigured, or a network connectivity issue.

    As Well As Repair

    Make Sure The Crowd Is Awake And Tuned In To All Addresses

    For example, if you want to connect to an instance with SID = ORCL on a machine named TAMIN_NT using TCP over PORT = 1521, this means the listener will bind to SID are = ORCL on machine TAMIN_NT and read the TCP protocol at prt 1521 The listener must be active and therefore must be running when this connection is requested.

    Use the operating system location (for example, Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Services in NT) or even LSNRCTL (Listener Control Program) to make sure the listener is working. The LSNRCTL STATUS command displays the current state of the listener.

    Where can I find listener Ora?

    Dodge, listener. ora is displayed in the ORACLE_HOME / network / admin directory.

    If the fanbase is active, the next instance may not have been provided with the correct instance or the specified protocol. This information is undoubtedly the listening settings file (the most recent text file), which The second is usually located in the ORACLE_HOME Network | An admin named listener.ora. The LSNRCTL STATUS command also indicates the current position of this block. However, in my personal experience, at the time of a STATUS query, a new STOP and START LSNRCTL command is required to reflect the latest changes, especially if there may be multiple Oracle Homes on the same machine. The parameters crowd file has two parts. The first part is a specification that ties together the protocols that this fanbase listens to, and the second part defines the instances to which this advisor is attached. And check the workmanship to make sure they are correct. You can either edit the listener.ora file using a regular text editor, or sometimes use the help of the Oracle Net8 Utility hosting staff. However, keep in mind that you will need to restart the listener for the changes to take effect permanently.

     # filename ......: listener.ora# Node .........: Date .........: 24 MAY 94 YEARS 13:23:20################LISTENING = (ADDRESS_LIST =   (Address =  (PROTOCOL = CIP)   (KEY =  )  (ADDRESS =   (PROTOCOL = CIP)  (KEY = ORKL)  )  (ADDRESS =   (COMMUNITY =   (PROTOCOL = NMP)   (SERVER = NT SERVER)   (PIPE = ORAPIPE)  )  (ADDRESS =   (PROTOCOL = TCP)   (Host = ntserver)  (Port = 1521)  )  (ADDRESS =   (PROTOCOL = TCP)   (Host = ntserver)  (Port = 1526)  )  (ADDRESS =   (PROTOCOL = TCP)   (Host =   (Port = 1521)  )  (ADDRESS =   (PROTOCOL = SPX)   (Service = ntserver_lsnr)  ) )STARTUP_WAIT_TIME_LISTENER = 0CONNECT_TIMEOUT_LISTENER = 10TRACE_LEVEL_LISTENER means = 0sid_list_listener (SID_LIST =  (SID_DESC =   (GLOBAL_DBNAME stands for   (SID_NAME = ORCL)  )  (SID_DESC =   (SID_NAME = brown)   (GLOBAL_DBNAME equals  ) )PASSWORDS_LISTENER matches (oracle)

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  • If you are unable to achieve good performance with this solution, open the Network Configuration Wizard (netca), remove any broken listener, and create a new listener.

    Network Connection Problems

    error 12541 connecting to destination

    If the new listener is active and successfully created, and the problem persists, check your network at this point. The problem could be caused by a change in the entire IP address of the device (for example, due to an IP address conflict or even DHCP and / or DNS changes). Because under some circumstances my environment can still supply the TAMINWEB name to via DNS on most ISP computers. But I got a “no headset” error on a specific computer regardless of whether I was able to connect from more than one computer. On this computer, I ran the following command:

     c: > ping taminweb

    Where is Lsnrctl located?

    The Listener Control resource can perform operations with a near or far listener. The following procedure describes how to configure your computer to remotely control another listener: Verify that the listener control utility (lsnrctl) executable file can be installed in the ORACLE_HOME / bin directory.

    and I noticed that it is trying to ping instead of and still knows why. However, I updated my TAMINWEB name in TNSNAMES.ORA with file address: and fixed the problem.

    How do I fix ORA 12541 error?

    First, make sure your phone is active and working. To do this, go to some control panel in services under NT or in the listening control program (LSNRCTL). If the listener is active and offering, the problem might be that most of the listeners are not associated with the correct instance or protocol.

    When using TCP, a TCP / IP route must always be available between the client computer and the server. This can be verified using the ping utility. Also, there are usually situations where a certain process is disabled for a machine, IP addresses are conflicting, router hardware or tools do not work. In such cases, it may be possible to communicate with the listener using other protocols such as named pipes. In such cases, you need to call your network administrator to resolve this specific issue, or you can change the use of our protocol. To change the protocol, change the protocol entry and p Parameters of the used archipelago of connections in TNSNAMES.ORA or for working with the used method (Oracle names or names of external services). Let’s say you can start with conn_nmp pipes through TNSNAMES.ORA for work (named after conn_tcp will fail. Note, however, that in this case the listener must also have NMP to connect. To get a listener that supports the new protocol, you can use Net8 Assistant, LSNRCTL, or manually update listener.ora and restart the listener using host operating system functions.

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