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Debug Kernel 1.5 For Psp With Ease

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    If your computer displays kernel 1.5 psp error, you should check out these repair tips.

    1.5 kernel for psp

    Kernel Addon 1.50 is a patch that can be installed for version 3.71 M33 or higher. This allows PSP Phat to run kernels 1.50 and 3.xx for homebrew compatibility.

    1.5 kernel for psp

    Beginning with the exact release of 3.71 M33, the main company decided not to install the 1st Kernel Forty add-on as it did in the OEM firmware and the M33 firmware. The add-on, which is actually optional for Phat users, allows contributors to install kernel 1.50 through my free location and player in Homebrew. However, Location Player can usually be completely flashed after installation. The addon contains the folders “km” and “podule” for creating flash0, in which all movies are stitched 1.50. In addition, the installation software has no control whatsoever. Therefore, if Flash0 is no longer suitable, the installer will give you some kind of error. You have an incomplete or missing subset of 1.50.

    On June 24, 2008 Alec posted a blog post stating that the M33 team would no longer develop an additional 1.50 kernel in future custom firmwares. He advised developers to update their homebrew versia to use most PSP 3.xx kernels and newer 4.xx kernels.

    Slim may not be able to use this additional patch for kernel 1.50. However, Homebrew 1.50 formatted by Kxploit can be run anywhere, and TimeMachine 1.50 + 3.40 Mix. Additionally, some 1st Homebrew 50s can also be run using the Noobz eLoader.


    Note. Kernel add-on 1.50 must be configured after upgrading to one newer custom firmware. This can be described as saving installation space and avoiding financial dilemmas. Also, it is advised to remove the “dic” folder from flash0 unless you are using an efficient Asian PSP. (This will certainly save about 2.5 MB of disk space)

    Install Kernel Add-on 1.50

  • Phat PSP (original Psp)
  • Firmware 3.71 M33 or higher.
  • 1.Kernel fifty-five files; Download: 3.71 M33 V2 to 3.80 M33 Version for 3.90 M33 V2 for 3.72 HX is for 3.73 HX for 4.01 M33 for 5.00 M33
  • update 1.50 file; Download: [1]
  • How to install kernel add-on 1.50 for firmwarewok M33 / 3.HX 73

  • To install the 1.50 kernel add-on, you need to have version 3.71 M33 or later CFW. To find out your firmware, go to the PSP settings menu and select “System Preferences”. Then select “System Information”. It will display your amazing PSP firmware version.
  • Since 3.71 M33 device is an option if a person wants to install kernel 1.50, so some people do not prefer it. Therefore, it must be prepared separately.
  • Download the appropriate addon 1.50 so that it has the firmware you have and repeat the ‘1.50k_addon’ folder on your PSP / GAME150.
  • Download this 1.50 update file named 150.PBP, but place it in your MS root directory.
  • Go to xmb and press X.
  • It will flash it, so you automatically have a 1.50 kernel add-on.
  • After the application is finished, you can delete the extra data from your MS and then check out the homebrew version based on kernel 1.50. Place 1.50 Homebrew in the GAME150 ms0 / PSP / in directory.
  • Usually you should have firmware 3.71 M33 installed with kernel add-on 3.71. In productionOtherwise, downgrade Despertar via del Cementerio V3.
  • Download the 1.50 Kernel Catalog add-on for 3.72 HX and open MS_ROOT. Then copy the PSP folder to the root directory of your key.
  • Start the application and click the square button. The program now runs with the dump add-in. There is a loss on ms0: / psp / game / update / km. Copy the folder with the mileage to your hard drive.
  • Install 3.72 HX. Later, copy the PSP file containing this application again to most of the flash drive’s memory.
  • Connect USB (Flash0) as usual and copy the backup from the main backup we created earlier to the root directory using Flash0. Launch the app and press X. This will copy reboot150 die.prx and you’re done!
  • Note. This only applies to PSP Phat. (PSP-100x only.) Don’t look at Slim.

    • All V2 1.50k add-ons have previous improvements, so don’t worry, don’t download the latest version.

    Released Kernel Extensions

    3.71 1

    M33 version

    Version 2

    Required to run on 3.M33-2, 71 changelog:”If you are disturbed from sleep again, the 3.71 strong pulsed light will interrupt immediately.” Corrected. “

    3.72 HX-1


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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the application and sign in using your account details
  • 3. Start a scan of your computer to find and fix any errors

  • Allow kernel 1.50 warning only for 3 cfw.HX-1 72, as opposed to 3.72 HX-2.

    3.73 HX-1


    3.80 M33


    3.90 M33

    Version 1

    January 31, 2010 Download: [8]

    Version 2

    – TA086: Display was black at light level 4 and when exiting standby mode. Fixed.

    – Added support in kernel 1.50 for working with keys with more than 4 GB of memory. Previously, the 1.5 kernel only recognized the first 4 GB. The theoretical limit is now likely = 4 GB * 512 2 terabytes. (“Only” a certain specific TB if Sony is using private variables).

    4.01 M33




    – 00 This release removes “flash0: /dic/apotp.dic”. The Japanese notation requires “apotp.dic”. Delete the rest and send the apotp.dic files to flash0: / dic / if you want to enter Japanese.

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    Psp용 1 5 커널
    Kernel 1 5 Para Psp
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